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The Purple Robe Please download Java(tm).

The Purple Robe is presented to a member of the Jupiter Dance Academy Performance Company on opening night of each Spring Performance.
The Purple Robe goes to a student who the Jupiter Dance Academy staff believes has shown perseverance, dedication and support to her fellow performers and Jupiter Dance Academy in general.
The Purple Robe will be presented at half-hour call on opening night to the student selected by the Jupiter Dance Academy staff.
• The recipient must wear The Purple Robe and circle the stage three times, while students reach out and touch The Purple Robe for good luck; recipient must visit each dressing room while wearing The Purple Robe.
• The new member adds a memento from the spring performance to The Purple Robe with the opening night date.
The Purple Robe will be returned to a staff member of Jupiter Dance Academy prior to the opening night performance.

Jupiter Dance Academy
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